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In Pursuit of a Well-Lived Life.

Welcome! I believe in the pursuit of a meaningful and well-lived life, what the ancient Greeks called eudaimonia. Anxiety, the most common mental health disorder in the United States, can hinder our ability to engage in that pursuit, and sometimes block it altogether. At District Anxiety Center, our goal is to work with you to address that anxiety, so that you can live a fuller, richer life.

We’re a boutique collective of independent psychologists specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders and OCD in teens, young adults and professionals. Coming from a holistic and strengths-based perspective, we use cognitive behavioral therapy and related evidenced-based practices to facilitate meaningful changes in your life. Short-term, goal-oriented treatment that takes a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving is our strategy.

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We’re located in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington, DC, in close proximity to Georgetown University and Hospital, American University, and downtown DC.

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