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Dr. Kathy HoganBruen
PhD & founder of District Anxiety Center


Therapy Style

“Helping people” may sound cliche, but that is indeed what first drew me to the field of psychology—wanting to help people understand themselves and their strengths better, to identify their own particular values and goals, and to craft a plan to get there. Life is short, it’s meant to be lived, and ideally, “well lived”.  I want to help people identify what their personal “life well lived” looks like, and then help them prioritize it and address barriers in the way.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxiety disorders in teens and adults with a focus on the college and young adult population.

As both an individual and group therapist, I take a warm but goal-oriented approach to working collaboratively with my patients, emphasizing strengths and overall wellness, and enjoying humor when it can find its way into our sessions. I was drawn toward Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, in particular, because of its strong evidence-base and its focus on teaching skills, changing actions, and moving toward change.  Having practiced CBT for over 15 years, I have seen profound changes in patients who have fully engaged in the therapy. While there many different types of therapy and important reasons to consider each, CBT offers a solid research-base and can be an a very effective approach for people seeking change.

Using CBT as a framework, I am committed to meeting my patients where they are and designing an individualized treatment plan that makes sense to us both.  For more active therapy, such as in the case of exposure work or walking therapy, goals will be set collaboratively, encouraging action, but always with my client onboard.

Training & Education

I have extensive experience applying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and related evidenced-based treatments to social anxiety, OCD, health anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic, body-focused repetitive behaviors, and phobias, as well as related disorders (such as depression and ADHD, for example). Prior to founding District Anxiety Center, I  worked as a Clinical Psychologist at The Ross Center for 15 years, and most recently as their Group Therapy Program Director.

I am a Clinical Professor of Psychology at The George Washington University where I have taught undergraduates and supervise PhD psychology students.  I am also an adjunct Psychology Professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (DC campus) where I teach clinical doctoral students.

I completed my BA in psychology at The University of Michigan, and my MA in Public Policy at The University of Chicago. I completed my PhD in Clinical Psychology at DePaul University in Chicago, and my Clinical Residence at Yale University.  I worked for Senator Chris Dodd on the Child and Family Subcommittee through a fellowship with The American Psychological Association, and then worked for the National Mental Health Association as the Senior Director of Prevention. I have completed specialized training in OCD and body-focused repetitive behaviors.  I am an active member of the APA, ADAA, ABCT, IOCDF, and TLC professional associations, and deliver presentations on anxiety both to professionals and lay audiences.

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