Individual Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) weekly therapy: learn more about CBT

Group Therapy

A helpful complement to individual therapy to speed the change process, or potentially a stand-alone alternative to individual therapy

Walking Therapy

For clients looking to incorporate more movement or exercise into daily life, CBT therapy done while walking outside of the office

Flying Therapy

For individuals wanting to tackle a fear of flying in a hands-on way, an all-day flying experience can be arranged where client and therapist take a regional flight to practice anxiety skills


Appointments to consult about a mental health issue or a loved one who is struggling; rather than therapy, this service is meant to offer information and concrete recommendations

Intensive Treatment

With time off school or work, and wanting to dig into a problem with sufficient time for behavioral work during a short period, 15-20 hours of therapy time can be scheduled over the course of 1-2 weeks; additionally, for OCD, exposure sessions can be arranged 3 times per week

Comprehensive College Student/Emerging Adult Services

More thorough services to address difficulties in the transition to adulthood head-on, focusing both on the mental health concerns interfering with daily living, and achieving the milestones of young adulthood 

Clinical Supervision

Current PhD students or recent PhD graduates in clinical psychology needing hours for licensure, or other mental health practitioners wanting to become better versed in CBT, can receive weekly clinical supervision

Speaking Engagements

Clinicians are available to craft personalized workshops and talks on anxiety and OCD tailored to your particular needs, setting, and audience